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Blueberry - the description of fruit, his kinds, conjugation. The components and the nutritious values of vitamin, the minerals and calories.

blueberry   And more exactly saying blueberry cowberries, as our "blueberry" with nickname bogs │ochynia marks, meanwhile regionalnie - nickname "blueberry" - also blueberry. It walks us however about these first called also as "gogodze" - the small, lightly bitter red growing on tiny shrub berries, przetrzebiaŠ with opportunity of Easter strongly (when the boxtree's duties fulfil), and also - in draught of almost whole year - on tea - party and the brews people's centre which be well-known on cold, the rheumatism itp.

Only blueberries however , that is fruit,. they are in people's medicine applied against stomachic ailments, particularly diarrhoeas.
It was not one should consume raw blueberries, but they in processed state can they can fulfil to salads addition how and meats, but also as appetising dessert.

What is and it in what quantities in blueberry?
Blueberry's nutritious values.

Water, fats, carbohydrates, proteins (g / 100 gram):
Water: 87 g. Fats: 0,05 g. Proteins: 0,3 g. Carbohydrates: 9,9 g.
KJ = 190

Vitamin (mg / 100 gram):
B1: 0,01 mg. B2: 0,02 mg. B6: 0,01. C: 12 mg. E: -.
Carotene: 0,004 mg

Minerals (mg / 100 gram):
Soium: 2,0. Potassium: 72,0. Magnesium: 5,5. Calcium 14,0. Phosphorus: 9,7
Iron: 0,5. Iodine: 0,003



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