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Gooseberry jam

Indispensable components:

The vanilla's, cane 1000 the mature gooseberry's g, 800 g of sugar (or the vanilla sugar)

Procedure of preparation:
Shapely, mature, but not we rinse overripe fruit and we clean from stalks and perianth. Remaining we rinse, we crush with wooden spoon, we overcook in glass of water and we wipe through sieve. we to threadbare mass pour sugar, we add vanilla ( vanilla sugar) and we boil. We to boiling mass put whole fruit gently. We fry on small fire, until jam stands up transparent, we do not to leave behind near you about gentle confusion from time to time, because jam likes burning.
We take out vanilla, and we translate to scalded jars hot jam ("twistów") we turn and we place "on head", leaving in this position to cooling. We keep in cool place and dark.



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