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Lettuce - the description of vegetable, its kinds, conjugation. The components and the nutritious values of vitamin, the minerals and calories.

Lettuce   Our today's lettuce's ancestors the most probably descend from regions of Mediterranean Sea, yet already before thousands years lettuce spread in whole Europe. Vegetable this is accessible by whole year.
We distinguish her many kinds, to the most popular one one should: Butter lettuce - growed about considerable nutritious value universally.
Fragile lettuce - has, letter stiff, fat, fragile, very juicy considerably larger heads and tasty.

Roman lettuce - well-known also under name summer endywia, it has oval, loose and elongated heads.
Listkowa lettuce - creates rosette which be arranged list round speed loosely.

Lettuce stem - part edible fat, juicy floral speeds are this vegetable.
The weakest susceptibility her is the lettuce's side the lists and łodyżek on gathering in them the most different harmful substances, in peculiarity of heavy metals

What is and it in what quantities in lettuce?
Lettuce's nutritious values.

The most important alimentary components (/ 100 lettuce's gram):
Calories (Kcal): 20. Joules (KJ): 84. Carbohydrates (g): 1,9.

Vitamin (/ 100 lettuce's gram):
A1:  1921 j.m. B1:  0,045 mg. B2:  0,089 mg. C:  6,3 mg. E:  0,59 mg.

Minerals (mg / 100 lettuce's gram):
Calcium 24. Phosphorus: 21. Iron: 1,3. Magnesium: 9.



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