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Pineapple - the description of fruit, his kinds, conjugation. The components and the nutritious values of vitamin, the minerals and calories.

Pineapple   Parents told to their yet not so long ago (naughty) children "pretty with you pineapple!", which answers saying "quite good with you weed!". I not to end understand why so tasty and sweet fruit there is such lousy fame. For times of the PolishPeople's Republic he - was at pineapple the desirable fruit very (similarly how all what it was not under affluence), now when we have him in shops affluence only limitation in his is purchasing price, because he is one of dearer fruit.
It was it is knowed generally, that Christopher Kolumb uncovered America but who knows that he uncovered also (for Europeans) pineapple. This stood in 1493 year on island Gwadelupa, where pineapple grew over rivers savagely as well as he be bred by natives. With time Portuguese transferred to Indias the tillage of pineapple, South Africa, on Java and Philippines, and already in XVII in. pineapple be bred in all tropical countries.
Many changes of pineapples are, as early as from tiny (size of the child's fist), and having finished on specimens the one-kilo cztero.
It was not one should wash raw pineapples because they rot quickly. It before pineapple was consumption you should screw off him tip. Fruit this cuts on discs we which after choice from skin can already consume across or to process further. It was not one should consume pineapple biting out him from skin - because it is then often sprinkled fruit (so we for what have to to lick up these chemicals), and the skin of pineapple can hurt gum..

What is and it in what quantities in pineapple?
Pineapple's nutritious values.

The water the, fats, the carbohydrates, proteins ( the g / 100 gram of pineapple):
Water: 85 g. Fats: 0,2 g. Proteins: 0,5 g. Carbohydrates: 13 g.
KJ = 230

The vitamin (mg / 100 gram of pineapple):
B1: 0,08 mg. B2: 0,05 mg. B6: -. C: 20 mg. E: -. Carotene: 0,01 mg

The minerals (mg / 100 gram of pineapple):
Soium: 2,1. Potassium: 170,0. Magnesium: 17,0. Calcium 16,0. Phosphorus: 9,0
Iron: 0,4. Iodine: -



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