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Strawberry - the description of fruit, his kinds, conjugation. The components and the nutritious values of vitamin, the minerals and calories.

Strawberry   This paradoxical plants which are also old and young. Their tradition reaches ancient times, such creators wrote about them how Owidiusz and Wirglusz ... from this, that they praised not our strawberry, only her prababkę wild strawberry! Treat official name strawberry, which can find in encyclopaedia: then pineapple wild strawberry.
In XVIII age it was successful to receive with wildstrawberry's American changes our present strawberry, differing from prototype with taste, size as well as aroma.

Strawberry conquered Europe and trying was undertaken more far her improving immediately, which they are so effectively, that to enumerate all strawberry changes at present hard.
It as curiosity was it been proper to add, that in old times (for some better) it it was has been careful was, that strawberries are good for men only, and they bring woman disaster.

What is and it in what quantities in strawberry?
Strawberry's nutritious values.

Water, fats, carbohydrates, proteins (g / 100 strawberries' gram):
Water: 90,0 g. Fats: 0,4 g. Proteins: 0,8 g. Carbohydrates: 7,5 g.
KJ = 150

Vitamin (mg / 100 strawberries' gram):
B1: 0,03 mg. B2: 0,05 mg. B6: -. C: 60 mg. E: 0,22.
Carotene: 0,0083 mg

Minerals (mg / 100 strawberries' gram):
Soium: 2,5. Potassium: 150,0. Magnesium: 15,0. Calcium 26,0. Phosphorus: 29,0
Iron: 0,96. Iodine: -



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